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Hotel Izmaylovo (Izmailovo) ****, Moscow, Russia

Hotel "Izmaylovo Gamma-Delta ", Moscow


There are different services at the Hotel such as: restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, boutiques, newspapers and magazines booths, sale points of airline and train tickets, bank (located at the premises of the Concert Hall), exchange offices, bank cash machines, pharmacies, hair dresser and beauty saloon, dry-cleaning, shoes and dress repair, first aid point, slot machines, billiard room, health complex with sauna, solarium and massage room, parking, Internet cafe, etc.

Internet cafe

At your service,in a hallof the Gamma complex works the Internet cafe.

24 hours a day!

The price for rent of a computer:
15 minutes - 25 roubles
30 minutes - 50 roubles
45 minutes - 75 roubles
1 hour - 100 roubles
Press(Seal) - 10 roubles for a leaf(sheet)
Copying - 10 roubles for a copy
Scanning - 30 roubles for a leaf(sheet)
Record of CD-ROM - 100 roubles


Here there is all,
That it is necessary for you.



On the second floor of the central hall for you Bowling works. " The planet of Bowling - the Delta Izmajlovo " gives club to players of 9 paths, 1 table for Russian billiards.Here you can spend time with the family or arrange a corporate party. To you will always go on a meeting the close(attentive) personnel, and skilled instructors will make of any beginner self-assured bowler.


Bar-restaurant with a rich choice of drinks and various dishes

Shop of professional accessories for bowling (Pro-Shop)

School of bowling

System of club discount cards

System of sports subscriptions

The prices for rent of paths of bowling:






From 12.00 till 18.00

450 RUR/hour

450 RUR/hour

790 RUR/hour

790 RUR/hour

From 12.00 till 18.00

790 RUR/hour

990 RUR/hour

990 RUR/hour

790 RUR/hour



Discounts for children, schoolboys and students:


Mon - Thu



From 12.00 till 18.00

From 12.00 till 18.00

200 RUR/hour

Operating time - from 12pm till 06am

 Paroclinic (sauna)

Sauna (paroclinic) designedandissuedat a high technical and aestheticlevelthe Italian architectsis equipped by the high quality equipment and modern specialized furniture.




To services of consumers five independently located baths,such as Russian bath, the Turkish steam room,a sauna in style "modernist style", Japanese and Egyptian. Each bath includes a locker room,a room of rest,a massage cabinet,a bath of type of "jacuzzi".From each bath the way to the general pool and a bar is stipulated. 



Also services of the masseur are rendered. The sun deck works.



Visiting *
Russian bath
Turkish bath
Sauna in a modernist style
Sauna in the Japanese style
Sauna in the Egyptian style
Visiting of a complex 1 person
Visiting of pool **
Brooms (birch/oak)

9am-16pm      16pm-9am
1000RUR/hour  1500RUR/hour
1000RUR/hour  1500RUR/hour
1000RUR/hour  1500RUR/hour
1000RUR/hour  1500RUR/hour
1000RUR/hour  1500RUR/hour
1000RUR/hour  1000RUR/hour

- Married couples with children the discount of 50 % - 750 RUR/hour.

* Complex holds no more 8 persons also includes an opportunity of visiting of pool, a room of rest, a steam room, a massage cabinet.
** One person without visiting a bath.

Services of the masseur

The general(common) massage (massage of all body)
Local massage (a back, legs, hands)

1800RUR/1hour and 15min


1 session


Cosmetics for a sun deck


Cream "MySun" before sunburn


Cream "MySun" after sunburn


Round-the-clock the VIP-sauna are located on 30 floors of "Gamma" and "Delta".

Fitness-center "Mark-Avrely"

For the visitors preferring a healthy way of life fitness-center with well equipped exercise room, a hall of group occupations, a massage cabinets and fitness-bar. The children's center. Shop sports-goods. Located at the second floor of the central hall.

Bookmaker's club

The VIP bookmaker'sclub is located in the central hall of hotel. A bar


The American roulette, Blek Jack, poker are presented to a casino. For players - free-of-charge drinks and a transfer. The VIP-hall, a buffet table, entertaining programs

Slot machines

Are located on a ground floor in the central hall.

Post address: 105187, Moscow, Izmailovsky highway, 71

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